Red Zen Trading Partners

Red Zen Co ltd operates as a distribution channel management company which imports Western world class hair and beauty products into Thailand via Bangkok International Port – The capital and central hub of Thailand and SE Asia. Red Zen Co Ltd has its main office based in Bangkok where the following operations and services are performed for each Trading partnership and its product lines.

Product Tests
We coordinate with the worlds finest Western Beauty and Hair product manufacturers to identify market opportunities in Thailand cater specifically to the Asian Market. With differences in culture, skin and hair genetics – we ensure that all products are tested to maximum efficiency to cater for our asean demographic.

Sole Trading Partner Etiquette
We will work with International trading partners and maintain a high level of Western style professionalism and courtesy. Our Team is managed by British nationals working within the kingdom of Thailand. To ensure the best communication and understanding can take place between Trading partners.

Market Research Plan
We will create a plan ranging from product evaluation, market research, test marketing, panel tests, brand identification and design to introduce a product.

Thailand FDA Product Approval
strict laws enforce that every beauty product brought into the kingdom will be screened for health and safety and an FDA certificate granted for each individual product. A costly procedure  that our company will facilitate. Ours Team will coordinate for product approval before importing bulk shipments.

Customs Clearing
strict laws regarding customs clearance on products entering Thailand will require additional paper work and customs agents that facilitate this procedure. Red Zen Co Ltd will ensure this process runs smoothly.

Product Language Translation
All products will require complete translation into Thai language for instructions and application tips. All will be accurately translated and produced on a mass scale.

Product Labelling
All products ingredients and instructions by Thai Law must be re-labelled for each individual bottle. our company will run the costs and manpower for this.

Celebrity Profile
Celebrity profile marketing is also our speciality in Thailand – We have connections with Media celebrities whom can assist in our marketing campaigns – We also have a network of celebrity salons which we supply our products to.

Expo and Shows
We also have been continuously successful in the market by using high profile locations for Expo Exhibitions and with our own salons we have regular hair shows.

Red Zen co ltd has Designer and marketing specialists to produce high quality marketing such as brochures, stickers, x frame and posters – all for specific needs of our clients.

Professional product Training
We have salons set up for training, and technicians that visit all shop locations before product supply. Our training will ensure salon professionals can apply all products safely and successfully.

Product distribution
Is done on a personal level – with all our range being distributed in person to each and every venue with product support. We ensure our customers get the most from our products and are ordering what is best for their particular profession and clientèle.

Follow Up Support and Advice
We have salon professionals, colour technicians, master stylists and traditional therapy specialists all working to ensure that any support or questions are answered in a timely and professional manner.

On Going Marketing and Growth
With a careful watch on our market and its growth potential we keep our trading partners and cosmetic companies close – With monthly feedback on sales and requests – to further benefit our mutual partners and in turn – our own success.

Product Ambassador
We also have high profile ambassadors which we use to support our product ranges and ensure our choice in products maintains a high profile with branding and reliability. Our ambassadors are usually well known professionals in the industry and well respected in their class.

Zen Red Salons
With our own high profile salon Chain we also ensure our products get tested and used on a regular and daily basis. This can prove an excellent way at monitoring a market and staying in constant touch with not only the hair professionals but the end users and retail market.

Red Zen Trading Co Ltd. was formed in 2007 as a Thai corporation. Our Main offices are located in Bangkok Thailand.

We have been in the Hair and Beauty for 25 years and our partners have all ran successful salons and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry.

Since inception, Red Zen Co Ltd has secured exclusive distribution contracts with leading manufacturers and beauty products.

We also have our own hair salons designed specifically for training and hair shows to teach and educate our clients and staff in the correct use of all our imported products.